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Meet the Team

Posted 9 years ago by trausti


A lot of love, dedication and hard work went into creating DuckyDo. It is the culmination of a year’s worth of work by our small team. If you like DuckyDo, please let your friends know using Facebook, Twitter or by rating us. That will help us bring you updates with great new features and more sounds. We would also love to hear from you. It’s easy to get in touch, our email addresses are below!

  • Trausti

    Trausti is our main developer and a specialist in Audio Analysis and Speech Recognition. He created the methods that analyze and compare your sound impression to the recorded animal sounds. Trausti is an audio analysis wizard, having worked in the research groups at Google, IBM and Microsoft. Trausti can be reached at trausti@rubberducklabs.com.

  • Sinéad

    Sinéad does all our app design and graphics. Sinéad hails from Ireland but now lives in Iceland with her husband and two boys, Flóki (6 months) and Daði (4 years). They are our main testers and greatest enthusiasts. Besides being a Graphics Designer, Illustrator & Mum you can find Sinéad sharing her enthusiasm for indie & alternative music. Sinead can be reached at sinead@rubberducklabs.com

  • Alexis Sierra

    Alexis is our animal sound expert and a true country girl from Ohio. Alexis has an increadible talent for mimicking the sounds of animals. When we first met Alexis she was volunteering at a sanctuary for mistreated horses called Mystery Lane Farms. That is where this amazing video was taken. Sadly, Mystery Lane Farms can no longer take horses due to lack of funds. To help out, a portion of the proceeds from DuckyDo will be donated to Mystery Lane Farms, but you can also donate directly. You can read an interview with Alexis here. Alexis can be reached at alexis@rubberducklabs.com.


DuckyDo Theme Song

The DuckyDo theme song and jingles were created by the very talented Sarah Pountney (aka ShiftyPop). You can can listen to the main jingle by tapping the note bubble above DuckyDo.

Human voices

Michelle Ponder: voice of all animals in AutoPlay mode.

Aaron Sinn: voice of the Dog, Duck and Frog.

Jane Fielding: voice of the Cat and Sheep.

Thomas Gerrard: voice of the Cow and Monkey.

Animal Voices

Duck voices: Flapper, Snowball, George.

Dog voices: Lucky, Daisy, Snati, Sadie, Toby, Svartur.

Cat voices: Natalia, Lea, Lilly, Napoleon, Tófa, Tiger.

Sheep voices: Bjalla, Fjóla, Li’l Gretchen, Niall.

Cow voices: Apple Dumpling, Búkolla.

Monkey voices: Lue Lue, Tony, Hercules

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