DuckyDo is an educational app for babies, toddlers and parents.

Everyone loves animals and imitating the sounds they make.

DuckyDo lets toddlers and parents practice making animal sounds and learn about animals. The animals challenge you to imitate their natural sounds and give you feedback on how good your impression is.  DuckyDo comes with 6 animals and 30 sounds that you can interact with, a Duck, a Dog, a Cat, a Cow, a Monkey and a Sheep.

Voice Recognition

DuckyDo uses unique speech-recognition based technology to listen and analyze your impression and compare it to the actual sound, creating a stimulating and captivating learning experience that toddlers and parents love.

3 Modes

DuckyDo has 3 modes intended for all age groups:

“AutoPlay” Mode is for the youngest age group, 0 – 12 months.

In this mode the animals appear in sequence and the narration is simple. Infants are captivated by this mode.

“Learning” Mode is for 1 – 3 year olds.

In this mode, the animals appear in sequence. They introduce themselves and make their natural sound, e.g. a bark or a meow, and then they challenge you to imitate them. Toddlers love hearing their own impressions when they are played back to them and receiving praise for their performance.

“Training” Mode is for 3 – 99+ year olds.

In this mode, you perfect your skills at animal impressions. DuckyDo will score your performance so you know when you are improving your skills. Each animal has multiple sounds that you can select, so even parents will enjoy this mode for a long time.

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